In 2014 when I attended my first NESCBWI conference I took a workshop on sketchbooks with the fabulous Russ Cox and Renée Kurilla. I've never been someone who enjoyed using sketchbooks, but I took it as a personal challenge to make sketching a habit. Starting on June 1st of 2014 I began doing a sketch a day and posting it to my social media accounts. Since then, I have continued doing and posting a new sketch EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It has now become an unshakeable part of my daily routine and a habit I enjoy. Here I've collected an assortment of my favorite sketches and some of the sketch challenges I've set for myself. You can see my new sketches posted daily on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

copic marker | pen & pencil | toned paper | inktober

Gray paper bat sketch Gray paper toad sketch Gray paper monster sketch 2 Gray paper monster sketch 1
Gray paper cat chasing bat sketch Gray paper vampire hedgie sketch
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represented by Jessica Watterson at Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency