The past two Octobers I have participated in the annual Inktober movement started by Jake Parker, and also written my own list of prompt words for the month to use as inspiration for my Inktober drawings.

copic marker | pen & pencil | toned paper | inktober

- 2016 -

Rainboots Blanket Mug Acorn Plaid
Collect Fire Spice Orange
Apple Treat Scarecrow Argyle Hayride
Corn Maze Mask Knit Black
Spirit Candle Pretend Forest Night

- 2015 -

Apples Jump Carve Sweater Fall
Aroma Harvest Chilly Brew Cozy
Broomstick Potion Cackle Bubbling Festive
Cobweb Cauldron Spooky Boo Enchanted
Pumpkin Creaky Beetlejuice Eek Crone
Quiver Costume Poisonous Magic
Mischief Trick or treat
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represented by Jessica Watterson at Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency